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Why House-Hasson?

House-Hasson’s 188bet casino reviewNo. 1 priority is dealer profitability. Independent hardware store and lumberyard dealers partner with House-Hasson because it creates for them the greatest opportunities for success. Every service and program we offer is flexible, customizable, and aimed at putting the dealers’ needs first.

America’s largest regional independent hardware distributor, House-Hasson, provides merchandise and service to hardware 188bet online sports bettingstores, home centers, and lumberyards. Throughout our nearly 120-year history, we’ve focused on dealer profitability. Our company is stable, solid, debt-free, growing, and constantly adapting to dealers’ needs in order to improve their profitability.

Advantages for dealers partnering with House-Hasson:
  • House-Hasson President Steve Henry and the company management team’s focus on dealer profitability 188bet appand customer service guides all of House-Hasson Hardware’s employees: customer service is a core value.
  • Our sales team and regional managers can serve as your profitability advisers. House-Hasson has the industry’s most experienced sales team. They enable your store to compete and win.
  • Services and programs will help make your store more competitive by improving your store’s look, attracting new customers, and motivating loyalty 188bet reviewamong existing customers. Our retail services include store layout and design, assortment planning, comprehensive advertising programs, and more!
  • House-Hasson has teams working exclusively on store design, layout, store sets, store conversions, and setting up new stores from start to finish.
  • On-time delivery
  • 96% service level
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Cutting-edge technology and services
  • Advertising program
  • Year-round promotions
  • Three hardware shows annually that help dealers build their margins.

188bet reviewHouse-Hasson is large enough to serve dealers’ needs and small enough to give them the personal attention they deserve. We want long-lasting partnerships with our dealers. Please contact us today, and we’ll explain how House-Hasson can help your store achieve its success goals.

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