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Retail Store Services and Vendors

The team of people at House-Hasson and House-Hasson vendor partners provide complete retail store solutions to make your business thrive!

  • House-Hasson does merchandise 188bet casino reviewplanning and analysis for store remodels/resets and new stores.
  • House-Hasson staff uses their knowledge and expertise along with dealer input to help design, layout, and implement a store remodel or new store for maximum dealer profit.
  • House-Hasson has more than 1,200 core assortments built into our system for every department that are customizable and easily viewed online. These core assortments are utilized in planning the merchandise layout for new stores and stores being remodeled, as well as for stores that need to update their product assortments and 188bet reviewgive their store a fresh look.
  • Space analysis—maximizing the retail square footage of a store is done
  • CAD drawing—your store can be electronically designed, showing fixture layout, departments and core assortments
  • Demographics are available for your location
  • A pro-forma, or business plan of projected costs and profit analysis can be done
  • We have sources for new and used fixtures
  • Interior and exterior custom signage is available
Hardware store merchandise labels and store layout
Retail Pricing Programs

House-Hasson has several base retail programs available. Most retail programs our dealers use are based on the price-sensitivity codes of items. Every item has a sensitivity code from 0-8 with 0 as 188bet online sports bettingthe most price sensitive and 8 as not price sensitive. The basic margins on the items correspond with the sensitivity codes, which are customizable. These types of programs are aligned with our trademarked advertising theme 188bet reviewPriced Right Everyday! Many items are price-shopped with the big boxes, and many items we get vendor suggestions on the items’ sensitivity. Rounding programs are available. You also have the ability to set your own margins and then easily customize items or groups of items on our online system.

House-Hasson | Independent Hardware Supply Wholesalers
  • Store lighting solutions
  • 188bet mobile app androidElectronic and technology services from House-Hasson from ordering tools and POS system communications to all the tools you need to help you run a successful business.
  • Rental program
  • Store financing programs with private-label credit cards
  • Business insurance services
  • Credit card processing services
  • Store and office supplies
  • Hard-to-find parts vendor
  • Logo apparel and promotional products
  • Customer loyalty and rewards programs
House-Hasson | Independent Hardware Supply Wholesalers
  • Store facility services
  • Shopping baskets and carts
  • Digital video, signage and audio marketing services
  • Store service vendor offered to help your store and products get seen on the internet
  • Store programs such as 188bet reviewPriced Right Everyday!® Trustworthy and Sentry are registered trademark store programs available through Distribution America, which House-Hasson belongs to as a member-owner.
  • Special Event planning and assistance
  • Complete advertising programs and systems in place, advertising both paper and digitally!
Some House-Hasson Retail Service Vendor Partners

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